New Construction with Landscaping

Every pool built by Signature Pools is of superior workmanship. We listen to our customers and become very familiar with their specific desires and needs. Signature Pools will consider functional requirements, exposure to the sun, view opportunities and architecture of the house when designing and creating a pool that will integrate the yard area with the home. All phases of construction are handled by our highly-trained, experienced team who will ensure all needs are met. Our pools are professionally constructed by well-trained builders utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the features and qualities that can make your pool the custom-built answer to your vision.

· Coping
· Tile
· Interior surface colors
· Finishes
· Terrace materials

· Waterfalls
· Landscaping
· Spas
· Fountains
· Lighting
· Auto Covers

· Draft preliminary sketch
· Draft detailed plan
· Obtain building permit
· Site prep-work and layout; demolition; lay out pool shape on ground for
owner’s approval
· Forming and excavation
· Install steel
· Coordinate town inspections
· Shotcrete
· Backfill
· Electrical hook-up
· Plumbing and equipment
· Deck grading and clean-up
· Masonry layout
· Install deck
· Install tile
· Propane/natural gas line installation
· Plaster interior of pool
· Coordinate trucked water
· Landscape/restoration/clean-up
· New pool start-up


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